Increase Bond

How to increase the stake value

If you want to stake more TUR to a collator you have already staked, you can use delegatorBondMore(candidate, more) function under parachainStaking option here

As seen in image above

  1. Select your wallet account

  2. Select paraChainStaking from the dropdown

  3. select delegatorBondMore(candidate, more)

  4. paste the validator Collator address with whom you previously staked

    1. in case of pathrocknetwork you can use the following address: 6BkqEuMXuNYzssdPQYpo4eVbcA2756RdfBHbSAvgj5FFZx71

  5. in more: field input the amount you want to stake, remember to multiply it by 10000000000 for example if you want to stake 50 TUR the amount to input will be: 50 * 10000000000 = 500000000000

  6. Press Submit Transaction button

You can head over to the following link and input your TUR wallet address, at the bottom you can see Extrinsics with Action: parachainstaking (delegator_bond_more) and Result column with a green tick mark. Congratulation you have successfully increased your TUR stake.

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