Turing Staking Guide

How to stake TUR tokens (OAK Network)

Step 1 - Account

Follow the link to Turing Accounts Page, it assumes you have Polkadot.js extension installed and account having TUR tokens configured. Please click on the images to zoom.

Step 2 - Developer -> Extrinsics

Next, on the top menu, click on Developer -> Extrinsics, or follow this link

  1. Select the account with TUR balance (if you have just one account it will be automatically selected)

  2. In submit the following extrinsic find and select parachainStakingfrom the dropdown

  3. In next dropdown find and select delegate(candidate, amount, candidateDelegationCount, delegationCount)

  4. In amount: u128 (BalanceOf) field input the TUR amount, the amount should be multiplied by 10000000000. for example if you want to stake 50 TUR the amount to input will be: 50 * 10000000000 = 500000000000 Please remember the minimum amount to stake is 50 TUR

  5. The delegationCount: u32 the field represents your previous delegations, if you are delegating for the first time then leave it as 0, in case of 2nd delegation, input 1... and so on...

  6. Finally, press 'Submit Transaction' button and sign the transaction with Polkadot.js wallet extension, in a few seconds the transaction should be thorugh and you should see a confirmation message and the top right of the screen

Step 3 - Confirmation

You can head over to the following link and input your TUR wallet address, at bottom you can see Extrinsics with Action: parachainstaking (delegate) and Result column with a green tick mark. Congratulation you have successfully staked your TUR tokens.

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